A traditional fermented soybean paste made entirely of soybeans and brine. Use as a super-charged soup and sauce starter, or in any recipe that calls for a dark/red miso. Most widely used in soups and stews to deliver a rich and savory taste.

naturally gluten-free, vegan, slow-fermented

Product Specs
  • View our complete product spec sheet on Google Sheets (here)
  • Ingredients: Water, Soybean, Salt, Wheat flour, Alcohol, Koji starter

Product Features:
Each soybean is carefully chosen for fermentation. Experience the genuine taste and fragrance of traditional soybean paste, completely preservative-free.

Allergy Info:
soybeans, wheat

Expiration Info:
18 months

Product Certification:
Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification

About the Company

Brought to life in 1946, Sempio remains Korea’s number one household brand. We specialize in authentic fermented foods and creating delicious Korean flavors that are recognized by industry experts for their outstanding quality.

Thanks to our continued use of superior technology combined with traditional techniques, Sempio products are used in the kitchen of some of the worlds finest restaurants.

In our continuous search for excellence, we’ve built the first-ever research and development center in Korea specializing in fermentation. In addition to gaining several industry-leading quality and safety certifications, we work with culinary experts from across the world to innovate, educate, and create new and exciting products every day.

Our mission at Sempio is to provide the best ingredients for your kitchen.

So you can expand your culinary horizons with Korean flavors, your own way.