our all-purpose umami sauce,

Meet our award-winning product, Yondu.

Brewed out of decades of fermentation mastery.

crafted from triple-fermented soybeans and slowly simmered vegetable broth

Add a teaspoon for an instant, deep, and balanced umami boost...

...without an overpowering taste or color;

a clean & delicious alternative to fish sauce, bouillons, dashi, broths, flavor-bases and liquid aminos. 

It's a versatile pantry staple that builds richness & depth of flavor

in soups, sauces, sautés, braises, marinades, dressings, broths, and more.

Our natural fermentation process brews complex flavor from simple plant-rich ingredients.

(thanks to 10+ years R&D, with 4 fermentation patents)

use as a simple shortcut to flavor in every-day cooking

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Simple uses for using umami as shortcut to great flavor!

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