Press - What are people saying about Yondu?

Plant-Based Condiments We Love - "We liked using it in place of salt or meat-based stocks in soup, and a few drops deepened vegetable stir-fries and salad dressings. It's a wonderful replacement for bouillon cubes, oyster sauce, and dashi."

Spicy, Saucy, and Salty: Our Condiment Lovers Gift Guide Is Packed with the Ultimate Stocking Stuffers "Beloved by chefs for its versatility, their vegetable umami adds deep flavor to vegetable dips, as a swap for salt, and so much more."



50 Small Grocery Brands You Might Not Have Heard of, but Should Definitely Try in 2022 - "A three-month fermentation of soybeans creates the base that’s then blended with simmered vegetable broth. The result: a shortcut to flavor."


The Best Gifts for Dads - "This savory seasoning (that’s us!) is made using a slow fermenting process to create a delicate umami flavor that will complement but not overpower anything you are cooking”
  We love finding new “magic” pantry ingredients from around the world that instantly boost flavor, and this Yondu is no exception. Fermented soybeans and a rich stock made from a robust blend of vegetables—including shiitake mushrooms, onions, garlic and cabbage—yield a concentrate bursting with umami.


 " There is a lovely miso-aroma here, with a backdrop of mature sweetness that is very pleasant. Super-silky mouthfeel and not too salty, but with an earthy mushroom note and very rounded. There is a real depth to this, with the umami notes pushing through in the long and delightful finish."


 “Attractive looking, and with a soy and vegetable aroma. A lovely rich color. The flavors are well balanced and mouth filling, leaving a clean taste.It is a delightful sauce that we can imagine using as an alternative to meat stocks"


“This seasoned bouillon has a good appearance and when diluted it has a rich taste and a good balance of salt. The base of soy and vegetables is well-balanced and gives a really full flavor and long-lasting depth.”


We're with good company.

Here are just some of the restaurants that use Yondu as their "secret sauce".