Ssamjang x 12 tubs (500g)

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A flavorful seasoned soybean paste with aromatics, nuttiness, and a hint of spice. Traditionally used as a vegetable dip or as a condiment for lettuce, rice, meat wraps (Ssam). Try as a flavorful mix-in for dips and sandwich spreads.

naturally gluten-free, vegan, slow-fermented

Product Specs

Ingredients: Fermented rice syrup, soybeans, water, rice, naturally brewed soy sauce, red pepper seasoning, minced garlic, salt, alcohol, sugar, roasted sesame, sesame oil, lactic acid, yeast extract, onion powder, koji-starter, ginger seasoning

Product Features:
A traditional Korean dipping paste that’s sweet, savory with a slight hint of spicy. Perfect accompaniment to fresh vegetable sticks. Pour it over hamburger or taco to use it like a savory salsa, add some chopped onion for fresher taste. For something more filling, use it in lettuce wraps with rice.

Allergy Info:
Soybeans and Sesame

Expiration Info:
18 months


About the Company

Brought to life in 1946, Sempio remains Korea’s number one household brand. We specialize in authentic fermented foods and creating delicious Korean flavors that are recognized by industry experts for their outstanding quality.

Thanks to our continued use of superior technology combined with traditional techniques, Sempio products are used in the kitchen of some of the worlds finest restaurants.

In our continuous search for excellence, we’ve built the first-ever research and development center in Korea specializing in fermentation. In addition to gaining several industry-leading quality and safety certifications, we work with culinary experts from across the world to innovate, educate, and create new and exciting products every day.

Our mission at Sempio is to provide the best ingredients for your kitchen.

So you can expand your culinary horizons with Korean flavors, your own way.